Samsung stops selling the Galaxy Note 7

Samsung stops selling the Galaxy Note 7
Samsung Galaxy calls all dealers Note 7 to send back the equipment for safety reasons. Users, in turn, must turn off their smartphones. The South Korean company has therefore put a definitive end to the brief career of his flagship, undermined by too many cases of an explosion.

The Galaxy Note 7 died, definitely. This is what clearly suggests Samsung in a recent statement urging all resellers and partners "around the globe to stop sales and exchanges Galaxy Note 7". The company also asks users to turn off their cameras and contact the stores where they were purchased.

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The Galaxy Note 7 is not for sale

Frankly, Samsung says that "the affected devices may overheat and cause safety risks." This decision marks the end point of an absolute commercial disaster for the South Korean company that had built the flagship Galaxy Note 7 to the year 2016. But due to a manufacturing defect, said too many smartphones yet acclaimed by the press shortly after their launch, exploded in the hands of users.

The fiasco is total. Between the disastrous impact of the Samsung brand image caused by this case and the huge costs and lost profits caused by the immeasurable stop production and recall products, the manufacturer may keep very long a bitter memory Galaxy Note 7.

The end of the Galaxy Note range

One who was to be the greatest success of Samsung and the worthy competitor to the iPhone 7 Plus proves ultimately be the biggest failure of the company's history. It will have to show a lot of ingenuity and creativity to propose next year a new product to permanently forget about the Galaxy Note 7.

On Twitter, we asked you if you thought we were witnessing the end of the Galaxy Note range from Samsung. Of the 1427 voters, 45% said yes, while 14% of survey participants believe outright that it is the end of Samsung.

A OnePlus 3S or more to solve problems of OnePlus 3 !

A OnePlus 3S or more to solve problems of OnePlus 3 !
It seems that the OnePlus 3S, successor to the current OnePlus 3, is already in preparation. Chinese automaker would struggle to keep up production with its current flagship killer.

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The OnePlus 3 - that we could test - is a terminal that is selling well, thanks to an excellent quality - price ratio, which earned him the title of flagship killer. However, the company would struggle to ensure the production of its smartphone, and so we can see on the brand's website for delivery of 14 days. According to sources the site Gizmochina, the AMOLED screen OnePlus 3 would struggle to be manufactured in mass, slowing the production of the phone. A problem whose visible result was a pause in sales during the summer.

LCD screen and Snapdragon 821

The Chinese company could then come out more quickly than anticipated successor to the OnePlus 3. This would involve the OnePlus OnePlus 3S or 3 Plus. The smartphone would take over the majority of the components of its predecessor - formalized in June - since it would be a version with an LCD display rather than AMOLED, and a Snapdragon 821 from Qualcomm instead Snapdragon 820. this simply brings slightly higher operating frequencies, to try to grab a few frames per second in games.

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OnePlus OnePlus 3 or X?

In all cases, the OnePlus 3 will continue to be supported by the Chinese manufacturer, since the terminal is expected to rise Android 7.0 Nougat before the end of the year. As for those who expect a OnePlus X2, they may be disappointed since the manufacturer does not provide a successor.

Phone strongest who owns the best camera in the world !

Finally been detected new handsets by the search giant Google on the Internet, the new phones came under another name, a "pixel" After many years in which Google Nexus phones is were known. And that Google has entered a new phase in the field of smartphones after it unveiled two versions of the new phones "pixel" and "pixel XL" which sent powerful specifications.

Of course not going to talk too much about the specifications of these phones, but this article will be devoted to the camera these two new devices in the smartphone market, and why it was considered the best camera smartphone in the world .vrgem the fact that these phones advanced in terms of other technical specifications, dependence on artificial intelligence in the range of services provided by Google, but the camera has focused heavily upon by many websites and experts in the field of photography.

Who created great controversy in this camera is receiving the best rate or an 89 degree within the private DxOMark index classifies the performance of the cameras. The result of this has never reached them any phone before in the history of this indicator! Making it a new record in this platform.

According to those responsible for the tests, pixel camera phones, featuring a new standard in image quality, clarity, and color. In addition, the pixel size of 1.55 microns and the user with a 12.3-megapixel sensor ensures that these phones be faster than its competitors and produces better in environments with good lighting results.

The video hand Choate pixels will provide you with an enjoyable experience as you progress solutions for image stabilization and automatic focus very fast, and is characterized by the camera extremely fast  means crisp pictures without interference and stability in the video recording thanks to a sensitive calibration gyroscope 200 times per second!

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Top 3 Android applications to get the password Wi-Fi access points!

Many words as there are applications enables you to get Password Wi-Fi is free and there are those who exploited the eagerness of users of smart devices work false Taattabiqat in order to make money, of course reprint rights is that he likes to get anything free and it it is drawn into those applications false .. today blog professional will offer you three Jqiqih applications running 100% enables you to get Baswordat Wi Vai nearby and distant from you as well.
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Is an application that runs on the Android devices that are available on a very large database Most gathered Baswordat Wi-Fi access points, a single condition you should be doing is to activate the GPS before you start using the application in order to be able to show the map and the site that you are doing at this time base, and depends application on other people had access to specific network Password are added to the application in order to show to other persons.

2-WIFI Space:

WIFI Space application is the last works by the GPS also it must enable this feature by the access to the application in order to map shows without problems, but it is simply green symbol is intended to open the network and can be accessed without a Password and the yellow symbol are points of application Wi-Fi protected Bbasoord but the application can find the Password and the symbol that is red means that you can not be accessed simply because the application is not available on Password.


A simple application is very different from the first application and the second but it is useful in many cases, so that gives you access to Wi-Fi access points are open which is not the Password as you can Alasaanh map existing application to know the areas where Wi-Fi free of charge and without Password.


Within 3 months from the end of 2016: the 10 most powerful smartphones available in the market so far!

 AnTuTu platform while another publishes a list of the best smartphones in the world, according to multiple criteria, in its latest report to the revealed the most powerful smartphones in the world and on the market .tava this new report issued after the launch of the new phone from Apple, a iPhone  7 and iPhone  7 S.

 ‪10 most smartphones 2016‬‏

Of course, this new report issued after the launch of the new phone from Apple, a phone Yvonne 7 and 7 PLoS, it was noted in the report issued these two devices is top of the list, saluting ranked Yvonne Phone 7 Los ranked first at a rate of 172,644 and the record number again, followed by Bay even 7, and ranked third came the Chinese phone LeEco pro 3.We that comes Snapdragon processor 821 and the result was 160 856 points.

The fourth and fifth one share of the new phones xiaomi 5s plus and xiaomi 5s from Chinese company also xiaomi 153 777 and 142 280-point values on Altoala.oha phones also come with a processor Snapdragon 821, and Bram 4 GB.

OnePlus 3, which was the top of this list for two consecutive months, go on this list to sixth place, while the phone Vivo Xplay 5 Elite finished seventh. Including Samsung company merely eighth place her lost Galaxy Note 7 controversial. Ninth and tenth position occupied by Chinese phones also LeEco Le Max 2 and ZTE Nubia Z11 respectively.

The record in this list that most of the phones contained within the most powerful smartphones in the world today is a Chinese phone, sevenfold phones are out of 10 phones from Chinese companies.

Samsung released S8 dual camera back next year on February 26

Samsung Note7 can be described as the most sad reminder of the machine flagship of the year, after the explosion, he later recalled, the new version now gradually began to sell to the world, but that does nothing to restore Samsung due to be considered the more secure version explosion hazards exist, but there is also the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion, the major US carriers and to take new emergency program that allows users to replace Note7 other brands of mobile phones or even no reason to return within the time limit, the United States was seen Samsung Note7 operators pull into the blacklist.

As a result, Samsung question of how to restore the reputation and the market has become the concern of everyone. After the news, to save Note7 false starts before Samsung will release the Galaxy S8. Now, however, the exposure of Twitter messages of users, Samsung S8 is still scheduled for February 26, 2017, debut, it is time to publish consistent with the annual flagship Galaxy S series, decided at the annual meeting of the JMC advent of the event, does not appear to mean an early release.

According to sources, Samsung S8 is powered by its own Exynos 8895 processor and 830 Snapdragon processor, cancel the Home key, the fingerprint recognition embedded in the bottom of the screen, dual rear camera. Furthermore, according to the disclosure of the ice world of friends, according to a radical change in three years design identity, Samsung S8 will be double curved glass front design of the last generation, as the look and feel of the user must get the treasure.


Google Pixel: he looks really iPhone?

Since the first visual pixels Phone have been published, if the reactions of its design are not made to wait. Looks like there really an iPhone? Your turn to judge.

The reactions were rather mixed, Google has designed several variants of Pixel: a version with reduced dimensions, 5 inches, and an XL version of 5.5 inches. We had fun to make quick edits compare the design of pixels and those of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7. Obviously, the design of Apple devices has changed very little this year, the changes are primarily aesthetic: plastic rods dedicated to network antennas have disappeared, for example. On the iPhone version 7 Plus, we also have the dual sensor in the rear.

Obviously, Google Phone take over the overall size of the iPhone. quite similar dimensions rounded corners and the edges of the thick screen. On Google and Pixel Pixel XL, borders are still less important, it is seen especially when comparing versions Pixel XL and iPhone 7 Plus. Finally, Pixel stands in the back by a pattern of two colors, while the iPhone are quite sober.