Android 7.0 Nougat: the list of terminals updated

Android 7.0 Nougat when your phone will get it

That's it, Nougat Android is available from the owners of Nexus 5X, 6P and their predecessors, and should be by fall over very probable new devices developed in partnership with Google. soon will start the race with updates to this Android 7.0, still complex side of mobile terminal manufacturers. Here is what we know of updates to policy provided in brands such as HTC, Lenovo, Sony ... until their competitors say a little more.

Nougat Android is version 7.0 of Android. Still in developer preview in July 2016, N Android has seen its name chosen by Internet users who have chosen Nougat, while Google has ensured the availability final before the end of the summer, as expected.

Innovations in this version of the operating system, the details are known: a multi-window mode, enriched notifications, a data saver, support for touch screens strength ... It is something new, and we have listed the Android Nougat contributions in this dedicated folder. The crucial question is that of updating the smartphone and tablet manufacturers (excluding Nexus): here are the elements that we know today.

  • Sony 
Xperia Z3:  availability of the Developer Preview 4, but no final
Xperia Z3:  + Deployment expected without specific date
Xperia Z4:  Tablet deployment planned without specific date
Xperia Z5:  Deployment expected without specific date
Xperia Z5:  Compact deployment planned without specific date
Xperia X  :  Deployment expected without specific date
Xperia XA:  Deployment expected without specific date
Xperia XA:  Ultra Deployment expected without specific date
Xperia X   :  Performance beta testing campaign in Europe in progress, final version planned without specific date
  • LG G5     : beta test campaign underway in Korea
  • OnePlus 3:  planned deployment without specific date
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7:  Deployment expected 2-3 months after the release of Nougat

  • Lenovo

Moto G4:  deployment expected in Q4 2016
Moto G4 plus : Deployment expected in Q4 2016
Moto Z  : deployment expected in Q4 2016
Moto Z  : Force Deployment expected in Q4 2016
Moto Z Play :  Deployment expected in Q4 2016
  • HTC

 10        : Deployment expected without specific date
One A9 : Deployment expected without specific date
One M9 : Deployment expected without specific date
  • Google Nexus 

5X          : Update Available
Nexus 6P:  Update Available
Nexus 6  : Update Available
Nexus 9  : Update Available

Sony Xperia XZ arrives in India on October 10 for sale

Sony Xperia XZ review

Although India is an emerging market, low purchasing power, but Sony has not forgotten this land. latest flagship Sony Xperia XZ was published in India, the aircraft will be listed on October 10, booked from October 1st (tomorrow) begins. Indian consumers can buy the channels in the Amazon and a few lines.

It is reported that, Xperia XZ India also offers dual card version with a capacity of 64 GB, Best Buy sells for 49.990 rupees, or about 4988 yuan, users can get a reservation at no cost to the value of 8990 rupees (about 897 yuan) of smartphone Sony SWR30 ring.

Note that the Sony Xperia XZ BNM was counter to the official website Sony Chinese September 26, priced at 4,999 yuan, is expected to be officially on sale in late October.


How to fix a phone that does not load?

If your battery is not charging well, will not immediately imagine the worst. Often, the problem is simpler than it seems. Your phone or tablet does not load, or evil? Here are some tips to try before considering replacement.

Why does a phone does support more?

There are two levels of severity when addressing this problem. Either your phone does any more load when plugged or it loads slowly (almost as fast as it discharges). In most cases, the defective element is none other than the cable. It also happens that the micro USB port or USB Type-C is put in question.

Think about the dust

By dint of being in your pocket, the exposed ports on your phone gradually accumulate dust. Dust will be crushed and compressed every time you put your smartphone in charge. After a time, this dirt pile will eventually form a layer that will prevent your device from loading properly.

To face this situation, get yourself a toothpick. Turn off your phone and remove the battery (if possible). Finally, attempt to clean the inside of your micro USB port. If you do not succeed, you can always try to remove the pile using a can of compressed air.

Repair the USB port or even

Often the fastest and most efficient solution is to make a small adjustment to the USB port. Most of the time, expense problems occur due to a small movement of the metal part located inside the port. Thus, this deformation results in a poor connection between the cable and the phone.

As to settle the dust problem, a toothpick will do. Switch off your device and, with the greatest delicacy, pry straighten the metal part. It'll just turn on your phone and see if the problem is resolved.

Exchange cable, mains or battery

A faulty cable, it happens, as well as the failed power supply. Try your charger on other devices, and if you have one, try connecting your device to another feeder. Degradation often occurs when the charger is connected without being used, or when the cable is damaged.

Last solution that thinking, pure and simple battery replacement. If the battery is accessible by removing the dorsal part of the device, and you just order a new one to reset your mobile to nine. High-end mobile are however often unibody, which does not mean it is impossible to open them. Appointments for example iFixit or on specialized forums to find guides and tips specific to your phone.

Use Ampere to identify the problem

Ampere is a free application for identifying a faulty cable. Download it from the link below and connect your device to the suspect cable. Once the application is launched, a green text saying "calculation" should appear. If the text is orange, it means that the current does not flow in your phone.

If Ampere can detect the current flowing, various statistics will be provided. Among them: the current tension, maximum and minimum (milliamperes). It is through this information you can determine what hardware is most useful for your device. In addition, it will show whether the current sent to your device too or not powerful enough.

Finally, if none of this works for you, or you do not feel like doing this kind of manipulation, please go see professional or even play your warranty. If the repairs are not covered by your insurance, it is indeed necessary to remember that quotes will be given and you will estimate if repairs must be performed or not.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7: it still heats for alternative models

New Galaxy Note 7, it still overheating!

Samsung to cross the road with its Galaxy Note 7 does not seem complete. Recall that the group froze the delivery of its latest due to an explosive battery (over 100 cases reported worldwide) that can cause burns.

Samsung has also set up an exchange program for the 2.5 million consumers who have already received the terminal and provides a discount on the market of the new series, said to be sure, between now and the end of November.

Except this new series would not free of defects. According to the Wall Street Journal, Korean consumers have found that the battery could overheat and rapidly losing autonomy. South Korean chain YKN indicates in turn that the battery discharges very fast and recharges very slowly.

For now, Samsung refused to confirm the problem but tells the WSJ that he would investigate. The world number one smartphone nevertheless asserts that the problem mentioned is not related to the battery and would be very isolated. In short, the next episode.


Honor 6X Announced October 18 in China?

The next Honor smartphone should be the Honor 6X and presentation could take place soon. A date has filtered. She was scheduled for mid-October.

Honor expanded its catalog with the V8 and Note 8 to China but it has not forgotten its existing series. 5C has replaced the 4C earlier this year while 8 Honor has taken the place of Honor 5X 7. And then? That's coming. His successor, logically expected under the name 6X, has already made a hook by the Chinese TENAA certification body earlier this month and that a date of submission just filters on the portal MTKSJ, plus some features.

Presentation to October

That would be soon. There would no longer wait three weeks since the date in question is that of 18 October. The source adds in passing that the smartphone could integrate the Kirin 650 of Honor 5C but with a little more memory. 3 GB RAM and 32 GB of storage, against 2/16 GB A battery of 3000 mAh would also the part. Note, however, that there seems to be where assumptions in the absence of evidence.
Recall that the future Honor 6X has so far been seen only in TENAA and the organization has still not completed his file. Only pictures were released. It is thus possible to say that the smartphone will be covered metal and equipped with a dual camera plus a fingerprint reader on the back but will wait to see more clearly on the rest.

In all cases, the Honor 6X should at least be better equipped than the 5X and that's a good thing since it had proved to be an excellent entry / mid-range in 2015. However, we should quickly learn . If the formalization is actually scheduled for 18 October, when the leaks would quickly multiply. Let us also hope that the commercial launch will follow quickly, not only in China, of course.



Android 6.0 Marshmallow just comes a year after Lollipop. The new version of Android is actually an improved version of version 5.0 Lollipop.

1. Add the percentage of remaining battery

More visually explicit an icon which discharges, show the percentage of the battery was already available from some manufacturers via their overlay. Google now also offers this option. To activate it, simply return to the System Tuner UI menu and select View integrated battery percentage.

2. Explore the contents of the device

Google also made the effort to integrate a file explorer with Android 6.0, it is still the best deal in dedicated applications it can still navigate in the memory of the device to delete or copy A file. To access it will take a path not really fast: Settings and Storage and USB at the bottom of the Explorer list.

3.Manage apps notifications

It is possible to prioritize app notifications or simply block this setting has been moved to Settings and then Sounds & Notifications and Notifications app.

4. Manage permissions for your applications

Large new Android 6.0, the ability to give or withhold certain permissions to applications. For it will then access your account in the applications, choose the application from the list and click Permissions, you will then only shoot what you want from the displayed menu.
Attention however not too withdraw authorization failing which the relevant applications no longer function properly.

5. Edit the quick shortcuts bar

This hidden feature to reorganize to convenience the shortcut menu. To get there, do down the notification bar and hold your finger on the cogwheel for 5 seconds, settings and open a new option appeared at the bottom: IU System Tuner. Click Quick Setup and you can rearrange, add or delete your quick settings.

6. Quickly navigate applications

Handy when the list of applications grows, to quickly navigate through the applications menu must keep his finger down on the right sidebar. We slide down or up alphabetically in the applications installed on the device.

7. Change the sound levels in a snap

Well known any smartphone user, the volume + or volume- your device to increase or decrease the sound (yes!). The trick here is to quickly adjust the other volumes of the device. By pressing the arrow (visible on the image below) you will develop a menu to adjust the ringer volume, the volume of multimedia content and the volume of the alarm.

8.Discover the Easter Egg Android 6

As usual and to mark each new version, Google offers a surprise and I could not conclude these tricks without talking, this time it is a game as a clone of Flappy Bird. To access you must get into about the phone (from settings) and then make several quick taps on Android version 6.0, a Marshmallow logo appears, and then just hold his finger above to let appear the game!

9. Set the Battery Saver

On Android 6.0 it is possible to choose from three battery saving settings when it runs out, for that click on the three dots in the upper right available from Settings, then select and choose Battery Battery Saver. Three settings are possible: Never, when at 5%, when at 15%.

10. See Memory Usage 'RAM' by apps and processes

Not to be confused with the menu 'USB Storage' Did you notice the arrival of the menu 'Memory'. From here, a user under Marshmallow can consult at any time the consumption of RAM, say 'RAM', in addition to seeing the implementation of each process and resource consumption. It's just "Awesome! "

Add to that the existence of another function, dedicated running services, which allows for more detail on the occupancy rate of the RAM. You'll understand Marshmallow emphasizes the conso!

To access and learn about the 'Memory', you must:
  • go to system settings
  • to scroll to the menu 'Memory'
  • From there, you will first comprehensive overview
  • By clicking 'memory used by applications,
  • you will have all the details on the consumption of RAM

Want to go further? To access the 'running services', you must:
  • open system settings
  • down to the options dedicated developers
  • then click on 'running services'


how to install Android 7.0 Nougat on your Nexus?

how to install Android 7.0 Nougat on your Nexus?
Android 7.0 Nougat is definitely there, at least for the eligible Nexus. You can install it now on the Nexus 6, 6P, 5X, or 9 on the Pixel C, at least by following a few simple steps. Here's how to offer nougat to your smartphone or tablet.

Updated at 17h: Factory pictures begin to be published on Google's site. Here they are for:

‪Android 7.0  Nexus‬‏

  • The Pixel C
  • Nexus 9 (WiFi)
  • Nexus Player
Original article: Things are clear about the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7, all generations: these devices dating from 2013 (or 2012 for the oldest tablets) will not be entitled to Android 7.0 Nougat. However, the Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, 6P Nexus, Nexus 9, Pixel C and General Mobile 4G have indeed entitled to the new version of the OS. Does this mean that it is already possible to enjoy it? Not quite, as the factory images flashed on the devices in this list are still waiting on the Google site. If you also plan to download them when they become available, it will take a few days ... or weeks.
Join the Android Beta Program

Meanwhile, some solutions are already available to you, Owners of appliances mentioned in this list. It suffices to register for Android Beta program, available for a few months: it previously gave you access to the Developer Previews Nougat and since yesterday, allow you to get the OTA Android 7.0. Just sign in with your Google account on this smartphone or tablet on this site and join the program. New members report receiving very fast, sometimes within a few minutes of notification allowing them to download them OTA update. We can not really simple.

For others, the easiest way is always to remain attentive to the updated Google developer site at this address. The factory pictures adapted to Nexus mentioned above should appear there soon, and will be installed by following the procedure detailed in this article. Most experts will in turn try, if they encounter difficulties with these procedures, install the full OTA images already published some models